1 Dozen Maxfli Revolution Mix

1 Dozen Maxfli Revolution Mix

$ 6.99

Revolution Distance Gain explosive distance off the tee with Revolution Distance Golf Balls. The tungsten-infused core translates into faster ball speeds and an average gain of 12 yards when compared to previous generation Revolution golf balls. A high launch, low spin dimple design delivers consistent ball flight with every club for shot-shaping control. A soft Ionomer cover increases control and gives Maxflireg; Revolution Distance Golf Balls incredible feel. Revolution Spin Stick scoring shots tight to the pin with Revolution Spin Golf Balls. The tungsten-infused core increases Coefficient of Restitution (C.O.R.) for increased ball speeds and distance. A soft Ionomer cover generates higher greenside spin for maximum control on chip shots. Compared to previous generations, the Revolution Spin offers an average of 35% more spin on half wedge shots, giving Maxflireg; Revolution Spin Golf Ball shot-stopping control. Revolution Low Compression Experience improved feel and control with Revolution Low Compression Golf Balls. A low compression, tungsten-infused core increases ball speeds while providing a ball that is 20% softer than previous generation Revolution models. The soft Ionomer cover features a high launch, low spin dimple design that delivers consistent flight and exceptional control with every club, giving Maxflireg; Revolution Low Compression Golf Balls unmatched feel.

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